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Who we are

Who we are

Our mission and vision


Primebuild's mission is to build perfection. We help our clients to achieve their goals and finish their projects on time and without supervision. In our face you will find a trusted partner because our work is a mirror of your needs. We carefully evaluate the budget, the cost, the efficiency of our work. We derive knowledge from the past, but inspiration from the future.


Primebuild builds the modern future of cities in Bulgaria. We provide space for the business to grow. We make people's dreams for own home come true.

Why should you chose Primebuild?

Primebuild was created by engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry. We have a team of well-established professionalists and a full range of construction and machine equipment. We have built an affinity for non-traditional projects and modern solutions. We know how to build an architectural bestseller. We love challenges and we are not afraid to experiment with innovative materials.

We know you are dreaming about a secure home or a creative, multifunctional work environment.

Trust us. We will not compromise your dreams and projects.

• We have more than 20 years of experience in construction

• We strive for continuous improvement and follow trends in the industry

• Correctness to the client is our core value

• Perfectionists are in every aspect

• We offer innovative and personalized solutions

• We use high-quality materials

• We become your trusted partner from the first brick to the last detail

Partners and projects

  • Partners and projects
  • Partners and projects

Офис на Скейл Фокус

В срок от 40 дни нашият екип успя да превърне едно празно помещение в прекрасен офис за приятелите ни от Скейл Фокус


Офис на Адастра България

В срок от 90 дни завършихме проекта изграждане на офис пространство на Адастра България


Офис на Футбол Радар България

За период от 60 дни тотално преобразихме офиса на Футбол Радар България с размер от 520 кв.м

Our achievements

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Our achievements
инж. Петър Петров
Опитни професионалисти, лека комуникация и отлични резултати. Наистина изпипват до последния детайл.

Over 20 years of experience in construction

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